pi-Profiling the Sciences using Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets.

February 9th 2023 - Updated December 23rd 2023

pi-profiling RSA numbers

There is a product of two prime numbers that has a direct relationship with pi

When we input the above mentioned product into a very specific pi-Profiling Loop
we observe another geometric aspect
( perhaps a key or doorway to a continuum of interacting Dark Matter pi-Profiling Loops - DMPL )
where inputed numbers are processed by our pi-Profiling loop as a diameter

The output from this process treated by a secondary pi-Profiling loop of constants
gives up the sqrt of our circles area divided by pi

that is we do not use the sqrt root function

Perhaps Science and all its facets and the worlds around us
are just a part of interacting portions of the cosmos
we can describe as/with numerical DMPL

The above remarks are from observation between the area of a pi-Profiling circle
and its companion triangle while considering the sqrt of huge RSA numbers

phi is in the background data because the circle is more efficient than a triangle

© Kevin John Trinder 2023.